About Park & Ride

Park & ride is a fast, reliable bus service, for shoppers, visitors and commuters in Cambridge.

About Park & Ride

The Sites

Park and ride is a quick and reliable bus service that ferries shoppers, visitors and commuters between the outskirts of the city and the historic centre. There are five park and ride sites dotted around the edge of the city, each served by buses that are colourcoded for that particular route which makes them easy to spot. The buses are new and comfortable – the complete fleet was updated earlier this year by Stagecoach. The average journey time from each site varies slightly, but in good traffic conditions you can expect a journey of between 15-20 minutes into the city centre.

Why was park and ride introduced?

It was introduced to help combat congestion in Cambridge. As a destination, Cambridge has changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years. The redevelopment of Grand Arcade, Christ’s Lane and Lion Yard, along with the thriving independent sector, makes Cambridge a very attractive destination. There has also been significant growth in the numbers of houses built, which all contributes towards more people travelling into Cambridge. Park and ride ensures the city keeps moving.

Park and ride is a relaxing, stress-free way of getting in and out of Cambridge. Our buses are modern, clean and comfortable – all have climate control, on board wi-fi and USB sockets so you can charge on the go. They are also some of the greenest vehicles around.

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