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Advertise in Cambridge - the city where history and technology meet on a daily basis


Cambridge is a city like no other.

It’s a unique place, where history and 21st Century technology meet on a daily basis; where the ancient colleges of the University mix with some of the most forward-looking hi-tech companies in the world.

Cambridge is also a city where more and more of its population – residents, visitors and workers alike – are getting out of their cars, and looking for alternative ways to get around, including, in ever-increasing numbers, the city’s award-winning Park & Ride service.

Situated on all the major routes in and out of the city, Cambridge’s fleet of 20 modern Park & Ride buses are used for more than 4 million journeys every year. And on each of those journeys a Park & Ride passenger will see City View’s real time information screens.

These City View screens, located on the upper and lower decks of the entire Cambridge Park & Ride fleet, give passengers up-to-the-minute News and Weather information, plus the chance to see carefully targeted advertising messages from companies like YOURS.

Want to discover more about how your business or organisation could speak directly to Cambridge Park & Ride’s mobile, tech-savvy and educated customer base in a way that is more cost-effective than you might think?

Then read on to find out what City View can do for you.